Viking Chess history

Origins of Kings Viking Chess and Kubb game

Kings Viking Chess is based off of the Kubb Swedish outdoor lawn game.

Legend has it (and we believe this version of history) that the ancient Vikings loved the game of Kubb Viking Chess.

And what’s not to love?

We get to play outdoors, have fun with friends, and knock things over!

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Kubb has grown in popularity since 1980 with commercial game sets being sold. Today there are huge tournaments being held in countries throughout the world.

An interesting game played in South Africa called Jukskei, is also very similar to Viking Chess and Kubb. Jukskei was invented in the Cape of Good Hope around the year 1743. It was a beloved game that was taken on the Great Trek from the Cape and up into the Transvaal and, I imagine, even enjoyed after a day mining gold up in the area which was to become Johannesburg in 1888. They used the wooden yokes of the oxen to throw at a peg in the ground. Hence the name was taken from yoke (juk in Afrikaans) and skei (divider in Afrikaans).

kubb game viking chess jukskei

A team usually consists of 4 players with one captain. Here players stand from 11 to 16 metres away and try to knock over a peg to score 3 points. If the peg was not knocked over, the teams would get points for their pieces closest to the peg. The first team to 23 points wins the game. Jukskei has become so much a part of South African history that in 2001 it was included in the Indigenous Games Project and Festival.


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