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Kings is the epic outdoor game of skill and fun for the whole family. Buy Kings Viking Chess garden game.

Kings Viking Chess was the game of the Vikings. They sailed on their longboats to far off lands to raid and win new territory, to beat their enemy and conquer. Just like this game! It’s a fantastic game for all ages to be played at the beach, park or garden.

Based on the game of Kubb garden game. We use top quality durable, eco-friendly, shock-absorbent hardwood. Your set will last a few lifetimes. Each set consists of:

  • The King x 1
    The one to knock down at the end (and never before)
  • Warriors x 10
    Placed at each boundary line, there are 10 Warriors, each side having 5
  • Spears x 6
    You have 6 of these per turn to knock over your opponent’s Warriors
  • Field stakes x 6
    These mark off the battlefield boundaries. (Field size is 6 x 4m.)
  • A Set of 6 Collectable playing cards with more coming soon
    To shake things up even further, these cards are drawn randomly before a game starts to give an advantage to you or your opponent
  • An A4 drinking game board (for when the adults are playing)
  • A carrier canvas bag
  • A rules document
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are so confident that you will like our Kings Viking Chess set that if you return them within 30 days, we will give you a full refund on the product price. We know that you’ll love it.

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The goal is to knock over the King in the middle of the battlefield, and whichever team does that first – conquers! Before you get to attack the King you have to knock down all the blocks or ‘Warriors‘ of the opposing team.

The game is huge amounts of fun for kids and adults and each team consists of between 1 and 6 players. Every game is completely different, so you can play over and over and over, without getting bored!

It’s Viking Chess; the game of Kings. 


Benefits of Kings for children

Some of the many benefits of playing Kings include:

  • get the kids off Playstation and out of your hair
  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • improved coordination (especially hand/eye co ordination) and balance
  • helps children develop social skills such as leadership and teamwork
  • enjoyment of being outside

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 25 × 32 cm


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